Recordings & Videos

opera & music theater

No Man
an opera for 5 voices, actor, chamber ensemble
and prerecorded children’s chorus, mixed chorus
and orchestra (2016)

Prague, Czech Republic
Bremen, Germany

The Tone of a Broken Harp,
The Sound of a Snapped String
for video, tape, voice, piano
and string quartet (2010)

for female voice and ensemble (2014)
*version in Czech

Don Hamburger
for baritone, ensemble and tape (2010)

*version in Czech

Aj, už je ráno!
for video, tape, voice, piano
and string ensemble (2010)
*presentation edit


(+ chorus, soloist, tape)

Remote Heart II
for orchestra of traditional Chinese
instruments (2017)
Suzhou Chinese Orchestra, PANG Kapang/cond
ISCM WMD 2018 Beijing

Duel II
for orchestra (2017)
Prague Philharmonia; Jakub Hrůša/cond;
Rudolfinum; April 16, 2017

Filii Dei
for mixed choir, orchestra and tape (2007)
Slovak Philharmonic Choir, Bohuslav Martinů Philharmony Zlín,
Jakub Hrůša/cond; Rudolfinum, Prague; Apr 06, 2008


for violin and orchestra (2005)
Jan Fišer/vln; North Czech Philharmony Teplice; Marko Ivanović/cond;
Rudolfinum, Prague; April 30, 2006

for orchestra (2004)
Hradec Kralove Philharmony; Marko Ivanović/cond;
Rudolfinum, Prague; 2004

for orchestra (2011)
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Jiří Bělohlávek/cond;
Prague Spring Festival; May 21, 2012

In me la morte
for soprano and orchestra (2005)
Ailish Tynan/sopr, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Jiří Bělohlávek/cond;
studio recording; BBC Maida Vale Studios; Jan 07, 2010

for double bass and string orchestra (2002)
Tadeáš Mesany/db; Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra;
Michal Macourek/cond; Martinů Hall, Prague; 2002

(+ soloist, tape, sampler)

Remote Heart I
for traditional Chinese instruments
ensemble (2017)
Shanghai Conservatory of Music National Chamber Orchestra;
Zhou Ke/cond; Shanghai Symphony Hall; December 6, 2017

Adagio And Fugue
for winds (2012)
Prague Philharmonia, Jakub Hrůša/cond; Rudolfinum,
Prague; Apr 04, 2012

Saki’s Irony
for classical voice, pop voice,
accompaniment and tape (2009)

*version in English

Basic Prague
for sampler and ensemble (2007)
Ensemble MoEns; studio recording; Prague, 2014


Nostalgia I
for chamber ensemble (2015) 

for cimbalom, ensemble and tape (2013)
Daniel Skála/cmb, Ostravská Banda, OndřejVrabec/cond; 
Ostrava Days Festival; Aug 26, 2013

Technological Progress
for sampler and ensemble (2011)
Ostravská Banda, Barbara Kler/cond; Ostrava Days
Festival; Aug 31, 2011

Hamoody Jauda
for pop singer, string quartet
and tape (2008)
*version in English

Joie sur Terre
for clarinet, viola and piano (2006)
Ensemble Konvergence; studio recording; Prague, 2009

solo & duo
(+ tape)

for piano (2012)
*Czech premiere

From an Unshot Movie
for cimbalom and piano (2008)
Daniel Skála/pno, Nóra Füzi/pno; studio recording;
Ostrava, 2009


La Riemersione di Venezia
for viola, cello and tape (2008)
Ondřej Martinovský/vl, Balázs Adorján/vcl;
studio recording; Prague, 2014